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The Hall of FameWanny16/11/2022 17:46:47
Is nice viewingWanny16/11/2022 17:47:00
Thought you'd appreciate that Wanny! We dug out all the old winners from emails etc.Hemming16/11/2022 21:48:51
Thought you'd appreciate that Wanny! We dug out all the old winners from emails etc.Hemming16/11/2022 21:49:49
JT OUT!!!Wanny20/11/2022 11:40:08
Lol some things never change!Baldy20/11/2022 18:46:36
haha Wanny loves it JT21/11/2022 10:10:12
Baldy and Wanny? Who are these people?Dave21/11/2022 18:29:14
Hemming, the colour scheme does not help the colour blind!Mark21/11/2022 20:03:28
#hemmingoutPete22/11/2022 11:50:26
Clear up this table Hemza. Too many blank columns Wanny26/11/2022 09:10:19
Can I have my 4 brucies please Hemz - Thanks!JT28/11/2022 15:40:17
Knockout stages are here. REMEMBER predictions are for the end of normal time!Hemming02/12/2022 21:38:32
Not enough smack talk on here! You’re rubbish Baldy!Wanny05/12/2022 18:08:10
Think we are all just hoping you don't winPete06/12/2022 09:04:54
Me too! Wanny06/12/2022 10:30:55
I hope it’s DamoWanny06/12/2022 10:34:09
R16 100% record has ended for everyone!Hemming06/12/2022 16:54:08
League update please HemdogWanny06/12/2022 20:58:26
Can't be done without resetting Brucies etc. but it's top of the list to change for next tournamentHemming06/12/2022 21:57:36
Top 5 going into QF: Ed 59, Wanny 58, Nomis 56, Hemming 51, Pete 50Hemming06/12/2022 21:58:21
3 ? raceWanny06/12/2022 22:21:11
Emojis appearWanny06/12/2022 22:24:02
…as ‘?’ clearlyWanny06/12/2022 22:24:31
Oops, another bug *shrug emoji*Hemming06/12/2022 22:26:29
Take emotion out of it boys Wanny10/12/2022 21:10:32
I did! Doesn't help, bloody French Mark10/12/2022 21:35:08
StillWanny10/12/2022 22:04:50
Still hurts Wanny10/12/2022 22:04:57
Top 5 going into SF: Ed 62, Wanny 61, Nomis 58, Baldy 53, Hemming/Mark 52Hemming11/12/2022 22:36:36
Wanny with a Brucie for every remaining game though...Hemming11/12/2022 22:43:12
Just remembered to set my prediction in time!Ed13/12/2022 17:56:09
The nervous reveal…Wanny13/12/2022 20:56:05
Tied at the topWanny13/12/2022 20:58:07
Respect toWanny13/12/2022 20:58:14
Wanny and Ed now tied.Hemming13/12/2022 20:58:20
…Nomis for going for the win Wanny13/12/2022 20:58:27
Nomis slips back a point and used his Brucie so surely now between the 2.Hemming13/12/2022 20:59:17
Wanny with 2 Brucie's left, his to lose Mark13/12/2022 21:00:36
Great tussleWanny13/12/2022 21:01:31
Good watch, this Baldy14/12/2022 17:14:16
And that…is that!Wanny14/12/2022 20:55:13
Ed can still draw, but you can't lose the title now Wanny, congrats.Hemming14/12/2022 20:58:55
Gotta pick the right winner, which is easier said than done.Wanny14/12/2022 21:02:43
As it’s now locked, Ed what have you gone for?Wanny18/12/2022 12:28:17
Edward?Wanny18/12/2022 15:09:52
Teddy?Wanny18/12/2022 15:10:04
Eduardo?Wanny18/12/2022 15:37:30
I’d like to thank my Mum and Dad. My wife, two kids and DamoWanny18/12/2022 17:02:50
Well done Wanny, Predikta World Cup 2022 champion.Hemming18/12/2022 17:03:55
Thanks Hemza. Very well run. See you boys in 2 years Wanny18/12/2022 17:06:06
Room for improvement I'd say ;-)Mark18/12/2022 17:07:01
But yeah, good job Hemz Mark18/12/2022 17:07:20
All hail WannyPete18/12/2022 17:24:26
I went for 1-0 to France, oops. Well done Wanny and thanks Hemming!Ed18/12/2022 18:07:42


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